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Register your devices


If you purchased your devices directly from Astrocast, they will automatically be associated to your Astrocast account. You do not need to follow a registration process.

Registration methods

Using the Device Security Code

If you buy Astronode S or Astronode S+ devices from a hardware distributor (like, you must register your devices using the following data-couple:

  • Device Serial Number (e.g. ANS2114AS1000025)
  • Device Security Code (e.g. U9D7UST375W3W8AU)

Using the Device Registration Code

If you buy end-product(s) from a device manufacturer, you may need to register your devices using another method to transfer them from their original owner to you. This method uses the following data-couple:

  • Device GUID (e.g. d275715c-6e91-4e40-94f6-c92013e7f73c)
  • Device Registration Code (e.g. Rv36V1TNFazO)

In order for this method to work, the original owner of the device must Enable the Device Registration option in his/her Astrocast account settings.

Register your devices

Using the Astrocast Portal

Click on this link and folllow the instructions.

Using the Astrocast API

You must use the Register Devices API endpoint.

The POST request will have a JSON messages that looks like this:

"serialNumber": "ANS2114AS1000025",
"securityCode": "U9D7UST375W3W8AU"


"deviceGuid": "d275715c-6e91-4e40-94f6-c92013e7f73c",
"registrationCode": "Rv36V1TNFazO"

Using Soracom

Soracom is an official partner and reseller of Astrocast Connectivity.

Click on this link and folllow the instructions.