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Astronode S


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Product description

The Astronode S is a satellite communication module, connecting your IoT devices to Astrocast’s network. It enables the monitoring and control of devices with bidirectional satellite communication and up to 10 years lifetime off a single battery. The module features an SMT castellated pads form factor for trouble-free integration and soldering onto a PCB.

Low power

The Astronode S features a very low peak power consumption. This offers a more predictable battery lifetime as transmission power does not depend on the local network structure or regional RF band regulations.

Low cost

The use of L-band allows for smaller antennas, lower-cost RF components and better propagation than other bands. This reduces both size and cost of IoT applications.

Hazardous locations

The Astronode S is suitable for integration into devices intended to be ATEX/IECEx certified. The module works at low power, and without current pulses, it is also free of any built-in voltage step-up converters.

Bidirectional communication

The module, with its integrated proprietary chipset, handles worldwide direct-to- satellite communication over the L-band within the 1-2GHz spectrum. The encrypted communication enables acknowledgements, asset commands and the deployment of security patches. Both the satellite and ground station networks ensure maximum reliability thanks to a redundant setup.

Technical characteristics

Size31mm x 35mm
Supply voltage nominal3.3V DC +/-5%
Peak power consumption (in TX mode)<0.35W
Deep sleep current<500nA (LPUART deactivated, wake up pin available
Operating environmental range-20°C to 70°C / -4°F to 150°F
Serial InterfaceUART
Encryption2-level 256-bit AES with unique device keys
Variable user payload size per message1-160 Bytes
End-to-end network latency15min, location dependent, with full network deployed
Data accessREST API or Online portal
CertifiedCE & FCC

Form factor

The Astronode S features a 38pin castellated pad form factor suitable for reflow soldering.

3D model

Product label


AST50147-01Product item number
ANS2114AS1000025Unique Serial Number (S/N)
FCC ID 2A269-01001FCC ID Number
Data matrix code (top-right corner)The above S/N in machine readable format
DSC: U9D7UST375W3W8AUDevice Security Code (DSC)
Data matrix code (left)The above DSC in machine readable format


Pin namePin numberI/O typeDescription
VDDCS1PowerModule power supply
VDDCS2PowerModule power supply
TXDCS10OutputTX UART of the Astronode S
RXDCS12InputRX UART of the Astronode S
EVENT_NOTIFCS4OutputIndicates an event
Internal pull-down of 1Mohm
ANTN_USECS6OutputIndicates when the Astronode S uses the radio
WAKEUPCS8InputWakeups the Astronode S from low power mode
Internal pull-down of 1Mohm
RESETCS14InputReset of the Astronode S
Active on rising edge
GND_RFCS15PowerRF ground (internally connected to GND)
GND_RFCS16PowerRF ground (internally connected to GND)
ANTN_RFCS17OutputRF signal
GND_RFCS18PowerRF ground (internally connected to GND)
GND_RFCS19PowerRF ground (internally connected to GND)
N.C.CS24-Leave unconnected
N.C.CS26-Leave unconnected
N.C.CS28-Leave unconnected
N.C.CS30-Leave unconnected
N.C.CS32-Leave unconnected
N.C.CS34-Leave unconnected
N.C.CS35-Leave unconnected

RED compliance for final radio equipment products

This radio module is intended for professional integration only. When integrating this radio module permanently into a host product to create a new radio equipment device, the manufacturer responsible for placing the final radio product on the market in the EU must assess if the combination of this radio module and the host product complies with the essential requirements of the RE Directive 2014/53/EU.


  • [PDF] Astronode S Product Brief
  • [PDF] Datasheet
  • [PDF] Low Energy Guidelines
  • [STEP] 3D Step File

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