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Astronode S Homologation Kit

Product description

The Astrocast’s products on the market do not have functionalities to set the required test modes for a product homologation (CE, UKCA, FCC) due to restrictions from the radio regulations.

For this purpose, Astrocast has developped a solution to enable product certification: the Homologation Kit

The Homologation Kit includes the following:

  • Satellite board variant with a special firmware enabling test modes for homologation.
  • Satellite emulator kit to create and maintain a radio link with the satellite board.
  • User Manual.
  • Application Note.

The Satellite board variant is provided with a special firmware that contains only the required serial commands for the product homologation.

The following standard serial commands are still available in this firmware to facilitate some tests:

  • CFG_R Configuration Write
  • MSN_R Module Serial Number Read
  • MPN_R Module Product Number Read
  • VAL_W Validation Mode Write

See Homologation Commands Definition.


  • [PDF] Homologation User Manual
  • [PDF] Homologation Application Note

See Downloads.