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Astronode S+


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Product description

The Astronode S+ is a ready to install satellite communication device, based on an Astronode S and an Astronode Patch Antenna. It connects to your application via the full Astronode S digital interface or via RS232, both available on the industrial grade board-to-cable connector.


The Astronode S+ sends your data messages, gets them acknowledged by the network and receives your data commands.


Ready to connect. No resources required in electronic and RF design, enabling short time to market.

Small form factor

Integration of our optimized L-Band patch antenna allows for a compact overall size and robust data connection.


  • Environment monitoring
  • Asset monitoring
  • System health monitoring
  • Backup solution for logistics tracking

The Astronode S+ integrates both new applications as well as retrofits existing or in the field applications. It comes in a small form factor enabling discrete installations. Minimum environmental protection against humidity and extreme temperatures must be provided for operation.

Technical characteristics

Size70mm x 65mm x 14.15mm
Weight38g +/-1
Power supply options3.3V DC +/-5%
5.0V DC +/-10%
Peak power consumption (in TX mode)<0.35Win Tx mode
Deep sleep current<500nA
ConnectorMolex Nano-Fit malePN: 1054051212
Operating environmental range-20°C to 70°C / -4°F to 150°F
Interface optionsUART & digital IOs
AntennaAstronode Patch AntennaCeramic Patch
Antenna GND plane65mm x 65mmCentered antenna
Antenna frequencies1525-1559MHz downlink1626-1660.5MHz uplink
Realized gain at Zenith3 dBicRHCP, max
Realized gain at 35° elevation-1 dBicRHCP
Encryption2-level 256-bit AESUnique device keys
User payload size per message1-160 BytesTotal message count subject to data plan
End to end network latency15min with full constellation deployedLocation dependent
CertifiedCE & UKCA & FCC

Form factor

3D model

Product label


AST50147-01Astronode SProduct item number
ANS2114AS1000025Astronode SUnique Serial Number (S/N)
FCC ID 2A269-01001Astronode SFCC ID Number
Data matrix code (top-right corner)Astronode SThe above S/N in machine readable format
DSC: U9D7UST375W3W8AUAstronode SDevice Security Code (DSC)
Data matrix code (left)Astronode SThe above DSC in machine readable format
ANP2114AS2000000Astronode S+Unique Serial Number (S/N)
Data matrix code (right)Astronode S+The above S/N in machine readable format
AST50124-00Astronode S+Product item number


  • [PDF] Astronode S+ Product Brief
  • [PDF] Datasheet
  • [PDF] PCB Altium & Gerber Files
  • [STEP] 3D Step File

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