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Quickstart Guide

Get ready to send your first messages to space 🚀

Set up the Astronode DevKit to communicate with our satellite network in less than 20 minutes.


Open the Astrocast DevKit box, it includes:


Register on the Portal

You need to create your account on the Astrocast Portal in order to access the data sent via the DevKit:

  1. Go to the Astrocast Portal.
  2. Click on Sign up now.
  3. Enter your Email Address.
  4. Click on Send verification code and check your email inbox.
  5. Enter the verification code and your Password.
  6. Click on Create.
  7. Multi-factor authentication: enter your Phone number and click on Send code or Call Me.
  8. Enter the code you received by SMS or phone call.

Find your devices

  1. Go to the Astrocast Portal.
  2. Click on Devices in the sidebar.
  3. You should find 2 devices: one for the Satellite board and one for the Wi-Fi board.

If you don't find any device in the Portal, please contact support using